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awkward first impression

So yesterday, I went to a super bowl party at a friend's house. There were a lot of ppl I did know and some that I didn't know. One of the girls there that I didn't know, I noticed was rather large busted. No where near my size, but still much larger than average. Later in the evening, she approached me and said that this was the first time that she had gone to a party and someone had bigger boobs than her. I laughed and told her that that hasn't happened to me since I was in high school lol. She said she is a 42J and she started asking me some questions about my boobs like their size, how heavy they are, do I have back problems, and where I get my bras. I told her I get pains in my lower back sometimes but I'm used to it. And when I told her their size and how heavy they were, her eyes opened wide and her jaw dropped. And as usual when I tell someone that, she asked if she could feel how heavy they were. So I let her, and she just shook her head and said she's never gonna complain about how heavy her boobs are again. Her and her friend ended up leaving early, and not long after, a mutual friend of ours said that she had already posted a status about me on Facebook. She said "after all these years of complaining about my boobs and how heavy they are, I finally met someone whose boobs are twice as big and twice as heavy as mine! They were 27lbs each and they were real! I would hate to carry those around." We laughed at it and I said I want surprised cause she was talking about them all night lol. Eventually we saw ppl commenting on her status. "how big was she?" "She said she was measured as a 38O!" "O!? As in O my god those are huge!? I didn't think boobs got that big" "neither did I!" "Are you sure they were real?" "Yeah I'm positive! I felt them and saw the jiggle." "Geez. And I used to think you had the biggest boobs! What would you do if your boobs got that big" "get a reduction immediately! I felt so bad for her cause they were extremely heavy!" .......... my friend a apologized cause he said that was a little awkward, but I said I actually found it funny and took some pride in it. Cause not everyone can carry around a pair like mine ;)


So I know I've been promising a new story for you all regarding your favorite topic ;) But truth be told, not much has happened that is really worth writing about. So instead, I decided to post and answer your frequently asked questions about my huge boobs ;)

1) How big are your breasts? Are they real? 40O and yes they are real! Grew them myself lol

2) Do you think they are done growing? No. They've been getting of and on for the past few years so it's hard to tell. 

3) are your breasts heavy? Do you know how much they weigh? They are extremely heavy! Each boob weighs over 25lbs.

4) Have you seen another girls boobs before? Whose? I've have many times. I've seen my roommates', best friend's, and my cousin

5) Has another girl ever felt your breasts before? Yes! Besides my doctor lol I've had a lot of girls touch my boobs. It was the first thing my roommate did when she met me lol. She had never seen boobs so big before lol

6) Have you ever felt another girl's boobs? Of course

7) What color are your nipples? Brown

8) Do other girls boobs turn you on? Definitely. I'm a busty girl whose a sucker for other busty girls lol

9 ) How old were you when you got your first bra? 10 (training bra)

10) How old were you when someone first touched your boobs? 16

11) Had a boy grabbed your boobs? Of course lol

12) have you ever given yourself a breast exam? I have plenty of times. Gotta be aware of boob cancer these days! 

13) what do you like about your boobs? They are very big and very soft. It's fun knowing that I have the largest boobs when I walk into a room lol. And they are a part of me and having boosted my self confidence :)

14) what do you not like about your boobs? They are incredibly heavy and carrying them around all day causes crazy back pain. And being so large, running and playing sports is almost impossible. 

15) is there anything you can't do cause of how large your breasts are? A lot of physical activities that involve bouncing around. Sometimes the weight of my breasts throw me off balance just walking sometimes. So anything more than that is real difficult. Oh and rock climbing. Can't do that cause my boobs push me farther away from the rock wall :(

16) Why are your boobs so big? Well the majority of the women in my family are quite busty, so I got the big boob gene in me. But I got much much bigger than them after I got pregnant. Pregnancy caused my already huge boobs to almost double in size! My boobs were making so much milk, you'd think I was pregnant with 8 kids, but just one. So genetics and pregnancy/breastfeeding is why they are as huge as they are. 

17) What does it feel like having huge boobs? Kinda hard to explain. Well, I've had large breasts for a while now, so they are just kinda there and i don't really pay much attention to them while I'm going about my day. But I definitely notice them when i hug ppl, laying on my stomach, when i look down, when i change clothes, or when they jiggle. And having boobs so big, they jiggle constantly and you really have no control over it! I also really feel them when my milk is coming in, cause the milk just causes them to get even heavier. 

18) Do your back hurt cause of the size of your breasts? YES! I never really had many pains from my breasts till recently. I used to do a lot of back and core exercises to help carry the weight off my breasts. But they've gotten so heavy, that the exercises only do a little to help. Cause of my boobs, I have an extra 50lbs on my chest that I carry around everyday and night. I have to mentally tell myself to stand up straight cause their weight makes me lean forward. So just doing that is a strain on my back. And my bra straps dig into my shoulder from carrying all that weight! So big boobs aren't all that glamorous, but I still love them lol

daughter's question

I've always known my daughter was pretty smart for her age. she's always asking questions and she retains the information pretty well. And she's already ready books that are advanced for her age. But yesterday, i picked her up after work, and she asked me a question I was not expecting to hear from her. "mommy, how come your chest is bigger than everyone else's?" I didn't know how to answer that lol. She already knew that breasts produce milk (I told her when she asked where milk came from. I told her from cows, goats, and even mommies can make it lol). I asked her why she wanted to know, and she said cause she hasn't seen any other moms with a large chest like mine. And she thought that I was special mom cause of it. I laughed and told her that i needed a larger chest in order to hold the milk to feed her, and that she was the special one cause she got more milk than other kids lol. "Well I hope chest gets that big cause I wanna have a special kid too!" I wish I had recorded her saying that. Cause if my daughter does take after me and has large breasts, and ever complains about them, I just wanna tell her, that she asked for them lol


so the other day, i was going out with some friends. we were all crammed in the car and in the backseat it was me on the outside, one of my best friends in the middle, and my other best friend on the other side. on our way to the bar, we saw something going on in front of someones house and of course we decided to be nosy and watch lol. but the only way i could see was to lean over my friend in the middle seat and look out the opposite window. in the process of me leaning over her, my boobs ended up resting on her lap as i looked out. after a few minutes she finally realizes what exactly is putting weight on her thigh and she looks at me and says "WOW! your boobs are f***ing heavy!" i just laughed and told her that i already know. so she asks how much they weigh and i tell her almost 20 lbs each and she exclaims "Jesus christ, and you have to carry those around all day!" i look right back at her and go "Yup... 24/7!" so for the next 5 minutes, my friends took turns feeling how heavy my boobs were as i just sat there laughing as i was being groped. i love seeing peoples reactions when they find out how heavy my breasts are. the look of schock on their faces is entertaining. a lot of people love large breasts but they always forget about how they can be a burden for the girl who has to carry them around. its a burden not a lot of ppl are willing to carry... literally!

Too Big

so i saw this the other day and just wanted to share it...

when i was done reading it, i just looked down and saw nothing but boobs... no feet, no, legs, no stomach, just huge boobs and a ton of cleavage! i laughed and instantly saved this pic lol


Thankful Day

im gonna keep this post short. but this is just one of the many things im thankful for today... 

the name is Aaliyah

im not quite sure why people feel the need to always call me by a nickname referring to my boobs. yes i get that im very open about them here on EP and with my friends out in the real world, but i do have a name. my birth certificate doesnt say "Big Tits Mcgee" so i dont get why even people ive just met or barely know decide to call me by such a name. it was fine in high school when the other girls were immature and had nothing else to do. sure my friends do call me that from time to time, but its usually only when weve been drinking and of course that means that they get real handsy and decide to play with my boobs. but when i come across someone who saw these shenanigans and they say "oh hey! i saw u at that party! ur big tits mcgee right!?" i just wanna know what gave you the right to call me that. moral of the story is, if i havent given you permission to call me by a certain nickname, dont call me that. you all know my name, its on my profile, so until you have my say so, that is how i would like to be addressed... Thanx XD

Crowded Trains

Ah... nothing says fun like going into a crowded train. i dont care who you are, when you see your train pull up and its packed, you fear for your personal space. the train is just rocking back and forth, knocking people off balance causing and throwing them into the person next to them or in front of the causing awkward moments for both of them. well i have this problem x10! working in the DC area means i get the privilege (complete sarcasm) of taking the metro into and out of the city everyday. when i go in, its not to bad because i catch the train before it gets TOO crowded. but when im coming home, every single train is packed! now this is where my problem comes to play. like i said before, on crowded trains everyones personal space is invaded. but its especially easy for my personal space to be invaded because of the extra large chesticles i have to carry around with me. its awkward for me as soon as i step into that sardine can they call a train and my boobs are forced up against a random stranger as im trying to find a spot to stand. and thats usually he way it stays until i get to my stop. if im lucky, the stranger who had my boobs in their back will leave. but usually it just results in someone else getting on and once again forcing my breasts into another stranger. and i feel so dirty once i get to my stop cause i feel like i just gave a bunch of strangers boob jobs... and i didnt even get paid! lol but i wish i had a nickel for every time an awkward situation on the train was caused by my boobs. i think i would have a dollar at the end of the day lol

all the time!

im so glad that when this happens to me, my kids just laugh cause it makes me look funny. i dont have to deal with middle schoolers or high schoolers who are aware of what actually just happened... 

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